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Muret-Sanders Classic

Muret-Sanders Classic e-Dictionary
(German to English, 1902)

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Recommended by top translators

"It pays to consult larger ones such as the old Muret-Sanders: published around the turn of the century [1900] it still remains the finest and most thorough German-English dictionary."

Joachim Neugroschel
(winner of three PEN translation awards and the French-American translation prize)
Mendele, October 1997

   The Muret-Sanders dictionary is widely lauded as the greatest German-English lexicon of the modern era, containing enough material in its huge 2,500 pages to satisfy every curiosity you have ever had about what a word can mean and its varied uses.


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herrlich: Muret-Sanders
herrlich (Muret-Sanders)


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Muret-Sanders Classic e-Dictionary
German to English (1902)
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