Breeze Word Processor
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BREEZE Word Processor v5.6

- For DOS -

BREEZE is an easy to use word processor/text editor that does everything you ever wanted of a text processing program, This program has been designed with one thing in mind... PLEASURE.

Features: pop-up hypertext help system, attractive multi-menu environment, text to .EXE converter (converts documents into self-displaying executable programs with menus, printing and text search features), multi-windows/files (multi-edit), clipboard, file selection menu, exploding windows, handles large files, RAM dictionary for fast spelling checks of whole documents or as you type, create your own personal dictionary if you wish, print spooling (lets you print and edit at the same time, saving hours of time), mail-merge/form letters, scientific calculator, ascii table, analyze text readability, sort paragraphs or lines, statistical analysis, pick list of recent files, mouse supported, fully configurable, automatic line and box drawing, fast find and replace, text styles, word wrapping, auto paragraph reformatting, autoindent, autosave, restore line function (undo), columns, comprehensive print options, menu operated printer control, full block operations including column blocks, powerful macro functions, index words, operate in condensed line mode on EGA and VGA systems, DOS shell, insert date into text, centre line, execute other programs and any DOS commands from within the editor, go to line and page functions, set place marker, duplicate lines, auto screen save.

Minimum requirements: IBM PC or compatible, 394K RAM, monochrome monitor, one floppy disk drive.

- Screen shot of Breeze word processor -

What reviewers have said about BREEZE:

Breeze is bristling with features and must represent the ultimate in shareware. - PC Home Nov, 1993

I have never seen a budget-priced word processor with quite as many features as this. Altogether an excellent program with more features than you'll ever need and at a reasonable price. - Practical PC (Nov, 1993)

. . . the most extensive set of text editing tools available in one package. Breeze offers you everything you're likely to need for editing and manipulating text. - Jane Brown, PC Home Issue 4

Breeze is one of the most refreshing new programs I've come across in a while. Breeze is easy to use, lightning fast, and has some great features - word processor or text editor. - Geoff Long, Australian PC World

A mighty-mite text processor that combines ease-of-use with some outstanding features. - Stephen West, Australian PC User

If you want a word processor which you can operate straight 'out of the box', choose Breeze. If you want a program which has all the tools you need for writing, such as a spell-checker and style analyser, choose Breeze. If you like a colourful, good-looking screen with on-line help, choose Breeze. - Laurie Malone, Sixteen Bits

I guess the word that comes to mind when I see Breeze is 'clean'. Combine the clean look with a couple of unique features, and Breeze is easy to use and very handy for special jobs. - Chuck Botsford, Shareware Magazine

PC Home, in their November 1993 edition, found Breeze to be the best shareware word processor. Breeze was compared to the top 7 Shareware Word Processors including Word Fugue, PC Write, and Galaxy Pro Lite.

Winner: "Best Editing Software", PC Update Readers' Choice Awards, 1995.

Other Information:

Name: BREEZE Text processor
Version: 5.6
Category: Word Processors/Writing Aids

DOWNLOAD Breeze Word Processor for DOS v5.6
(310 kb Zip file)

DOWNLOAD Breeze for Windows Text System
(1.4 Mb Zip file)

- Freeware -

BIGTEXT Electronic Books v3.3

- for DOS -

Short description: self-displaying illustrated books & manuals.

Long description:

Bigtext turns ordinary text files into self-contained, self- displaying executable files capable of displaying full colour illustrations in body of the text. This program is specifically designed to make self-displaying books, manuals, documents, and catalogues. The difference between Bigtext and similar programs is that it can handle genuinely BIG volumes of text (up to 700kb or more) and that it creates a single, neat and convenient executable file that will fit on a 360k disk! Defining a menu, or a table of contents, and defining a customized information screen is easy. The text viewer programs you make are complete with a fast "find" feature which enables you to quickly find and go to any portion of the text. You can compress text during conversion to save both memory and disk space, enable or disable printing permission for a measure of security, and specify titles and screen colours. Bigtext can automatically run your favourite .exe file compressor and then helpfully test runs the final product for you. You can also execute other programs from within your electronic books - great for demos or graphic illustrations. Bigtext comes with Text Paint and Text Capture utilities.

If you have written a book but have not yet managed to have it published, this program is for you. You can turn your book into a single program which will fit on a 360k disk which you can distribute to your friends and interested parties.

Bigtext is also perfect for catalogues, with over fifty section entries available on the main menu.

Software developers can make self-displaying manuals for their programs. This minimizes complexity for the user and adds a level of security to the information.

- Screen shot of Bigtext electronic book compiler -

What reviewers have said about BIGTEXT:

Bigtext is one of those ideas that has you saying 'I wish I had thought of that.' - Marc Young, "Your Computer" (Sep, 1993)

This catalogue was created with Kevin Solway's excellent program 'Bigtext'. I can thoroughly recommend it for ease of use and professional presentation. - Brian Rondel, Rondel Direct Shareware

Other Information:

Name: BIGTEXT - electronic books.
Version: 3.3
Category: Writing Aids/Books

DOWNLOAD Bigtext for Electronic Books v3.3

- Freeware -

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