- For accessing the new Vista task dialogs with your Delphi programs -
- On ALL version of Windows, not just Vista -
(for Delphi 4 and up)

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What is Solway's TaskDialog?

This is a component for use with Delphi which lets you use the nifty new dialogs in Windows Vista. Simply drop the component on your form and bring up a complex dialog with a single line of code. This component can automatically emulate Vista-style dialogs on older operating systems, such as Windows XP, or even Windows 98, so you don't have to write two lots of code to account for both Vista and earlier operating systems.

You can easily add custom buttons [e.g., "AddCustomButton('Click me')"] and radiobuttons. And you can have a clickable URLs in the text of your dialog, as well as the new Vista "command" buttons (see below), and even a progress bar dialog.

For all versions of Delphi (Delphi 4 and up).

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Here are a few more sample dialogs.

The progress bar is controlled by a simple callback function in your code:

procedure TForm1.DialogProgress(Sender : TObject; // the TTaskDialog var Pos : Integer; // Progress bar position from 0 to 100 (%) var State : TTaskDialogProgressState); begin if Pos < 100 then begin (Sender as TTaskDialog).EnableButton(IDCancel, false); // common Ok btn = IDOK inc(Pos,4); // You set Pos to anything from 0 to 100 end else begin (Sender as TTaskDialog).EnableButton(IDCancel, true); (Sender as TTaskDialog).ClickButton(IDCancel); end; State := psNormal; end;

Here is the Demo application, which lets you tweak many of the various settings, and demonstrates some of the pre-configured dialogs such as "VerifyYesNo", "VerifySave", and "ShowWarningMessage".

On earlier operating systems the new Vista dialogs are not available, and therefore need to be emulated. This is how the emulated dialogs look on Windows XP:

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