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Solway's Freeware Internet TV and Radio Player

Q: Why do some channels fail to work?
  1. Ensure that you are connected to the Internet.
  2. If you are having problems such as no video or audio, then be sure you have installed the latest versions of Microsoft Media Player and RealPlayer
  3. Make sure your version of Solway's Internet TV and RadioPlayer is the latest.
  4. Live television depends on the origin of the broadcast and not on the software that displays them. Some stations can be off line temporarily or with too many connections. If you are receiving error messages on certain station try again after some minutes or select other station.

Q: Why are there so few TV channels?
A: TV channels are expensive to provide for free, so they are difficult to find. If you find new TV channels, you can add them yourself.

Q: Why is no audio recorded?
A: In the audio recorder, bring up the "Recording Levels" ("R" button) and "Playback levels" ("P" button), and set the appropriate levels. You may also need to chang the "Input".

Q: How to exit Full Screen mode?
A: To exit Full Screen mode, use the [ESC] ("escape") key on your keyboard or double click left mouse button.

Q: Software requirements.
A: There are two programs that you must have for full functionality.:

Microsoft Media Player 7 or higher
RealPlayer 6 or higher

If your computer doesn't have one or more of these then you will be limited in which streams you can play.


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