American cultural MOTI#2?

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American cultural MOTI#2?

Post by sdgreco » Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:19 pm doubt by someone who has never set foot in the continent!

How outrageous to suggest that Americans don't admire and respect other Americans unless these others are seen to "materially succeed" or possess wealth and power.

You're confusing- man of the infinite #2- merely a part with the whole. You're confusing an effective (and obviously envied the world over) social system in place to encourage and reward achievement, with a more all-encompassing philosophy of life (that went mostly ignored in your video pitch).

Moreover...American Ways toughen up and strengthen an individual in ways that more relaxed (i.e. lazy) societies can only dream of, in particular due to our strict philosophy of equally between the sexes.
In other words, our broads could make mincemeat out of your unchallenged damsels any day of the week.

Moreover....regarding difficulty with measuring success and failure due to our dynamic, open-minded culture (which you ignorantly paint as a negative), I could show 2 advantages for every one you care to name (though i don't think you noted any at all in support).

....this could take a while!


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Re: American cultural MOTI#2?

Post by sdgreco » Sat Jan 08, 2011 7:38 am

Again, about the video part 1 this time, the MOTI#2 voice more or less said that the founding fathers wrongly claimed that-- it is obvious that all men are created equal-- and are thereby hugely responsible for the American social mess as he sees it. (something about unleashing demons oss ridiculous notion)
First of all, you're misinterpreting and under-estimating the great founders of the United States (not that they all were).
For a smart guy you sure say some stupid things!
Allow me to explain.

These men were no dummies, obviously they understood that different people have different gifts, talents, intelligence, abilities, luck and varying levels of such things. Strictly speaking Equality in this respect is pretty much meaningless and therefore isn't meant to apply to such qualities as one may or may not develop or possess. Christ, give them some credit for godsakes.

So what did they mean?
Well i dont have the script in front of me but...
my gut feel is that...
they could only have meant...
intelligent people could have only meant, essentially that...

As far as Providence is concerned every person Mother Nature shits out is no more valuable than the next.

"So take that, Mr King, Mrs Queen, and all the rest of you royal cronies wherever you may be! etc etc" JH

"Wrongly" you say?
No, not at all.
A beautiful and highly beneficial concept, on the contrary.
For it opened an essential door in the evolution of our human race.
And it remains We The American People who proudly lead the way through it.

(By the way MOTI, did you bother to do any actual historical research before slamming men you've never met?)

So the question remains-- what exactly is so "wrongly" about that.
-Wrongly that people arn't equal?
-Wrongly to assert it's self-evident?
Perhaps some clarification is in order.
Before my getting on to "and second of all.."

(Christ, I'm not even sure that any of the MOTI's are still involved with this forum,
I mean wtf, why build a forum only to abandon it or ignore sincere attempts at discussion. Has anyone else any other new members found a great lack of cooperation? Who are these MOTI's, how many are there, how do you become one, where do they meet, are they all men..with balls i mean!)

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Re: American cultural MOTI#2?

Post by Kelly Jones » Sat Jan 08, 2011 1:43 pm

Your post amounted to: the American constitution was founded by men who believe all humans' shit is equal in value. Dan doesn't need to respond to that one - you've proved his point.

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