Some backups of old posts * READ THIS FIRST *

Some partial backups of posts from the past (Feb, 2004)
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Some backups of old posts * READ THIS FIRST *

Post by Kevin Solway » Mon Jul 11, 2005 5:58 pm

There are six types of backups of old posts available:
  • 1. Partial backups of the forum, from 2002 and Jan 2004, can be downloaded using the following link. Note that these backups are partial.

    Genius Forum Backups (35Mb, uncompressed: 130Mb).

    Tip: Start by viewing the index.html files, and navigate from the topmost level for the most active links.

    2. Some backups of the forum compiled by Rhett H can be found here. (51Mb PDF)

    3. Some archival posts can be viewed at the "Wayback Machine":*/http://pub ... geniusnews

    4. And some of the better posts can be found as part of the Genius News compilations.

    5. Prior to the creation of the web forum, and for some time concurrent with it, there was an email discussion list called genius-l. 6. The rest of this archive forum consists of a mere handful of posts I was able to import from web.archive using a conversion script.

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