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Re: Trumpism

Post by Diebert van Rhijn » Sun Aug 13, 2017 5:29 am

JohnJAu wrote:In my view the ego is not simply being human as that defines us all irregardless and becomes meaningless altogether.
In the end it has to do with how people define themselves as. Personally I don't think in terms of "human" as general classifier of our species. One can see the idea "human" functioning as ideal. Besides that we've only biological categories left.
That is, whether it manifests most obviously as more identification, or more vanity, more self-consciousness, more attachments, more emotional clinging, more defending, more alignment with form as self-substance, more investment in illusion and opinion, etc and so on, or whether through the process of wisdom growth the ego naturally dissipates. That lessening or that experience is difficult to describe, egolessness, oneness, etc.
Could you think of any advantage of clinging and investment? Implying of course you have context here of progress and value.
  • "How much 'ego' do you need? Just enough so that you don't step in front of a bus." -Shunryu Suzuki
But are the requirement of life just staying aware enough to survive a few years longer? It sounds like cow promotion. The engine inside the bus was not invented by people avoiding getting into trouble, I imagine. It's a long frustration journey for things to evolve to anything, technologically but also looking at the human cost.
Hence, assuming this understanding of life after life is true, absolutely nothing is worthy of caring about save for perpetuating those habits. And nothing in the world can help you with that save for free time for reading, listening, discussion, contemplation, meditation, introspection, and certain experiences perhaps, tho it may be difficult to say which ones.
Sure but a lot of that depends on all the factors driving your existence and preferences. All you've left then at this stage is knowing the most important drivers. If one can change them is another topic. But it would be obvious that the moment one stops caring and being invested in something, no energy builds up to drive the activity home.
Attachment to the world is a bit like a disease in that it causes incomprehensible suffering.
Existence in its full unfolding needs a clear eye without attachments blocking the range and wideness of the view.
people stilling their cravings seem to have ended up pushing little to advance the world
"Advance" is completely relative.
Any idea of cravings, stilled or unstilled, as well.
Anything what is seen or intuited is already language; there's already a conversation.
It's as far from a conversation as it gets tho. It can be a flash of insight or sense of things.
Okay I admit I was stretching the idea of language a bit further without explaining it. For me it would include flash, meaning, intuition, self-dialog performed by any mentation, any conceptualization or dance of our nervous system. It's a matter of degree where one decides to call it conversation. But I think it never stops as long as you sense anything at all. Especially considering most people relate to things from the surface of a matrix of signs and symbols to begin with. Their very bodies are informational, the way they conceive is through a core dialog with the other and all otherness.

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