Never ask "how"

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Never ask "how"

Post by lopatamd » Thu Jan 08, 2015 6:39 am

‘If I may suggest, never under any circunstances ask “how”. When you use the word “how” you really want someone to tell you what to do, some guide, some system, somebody to lead you by the hand so that you lose your freedom, your capacity to observe, your own activities, your own thoughts, your own way of life. When you ask “how” you really become a second-hand human being; you lose integrity and also the innate honesty to look at yourself, to be what you are and to go beyond and above what you are. Never, never ask the question “how”. We are talking psychologically, of course. You have to ask “how” when you want to put a motor together or build a computer. You have to learn something about it from somebody. But to be psychologically free and original can only come about when you are aware of your own inward activities, watch what you are thinking and never let one thought escape without observing the nature of it, the source of it. Observing, watching. One learns about oneself much more by watching than from books or from some psychologist or complicated, clever, erudite scholar or professor.‘It is going to be very difficult, my friend. It can tear you in many directions. There are a great many so-called temptations—biological, social, and you can be torn apart by the cruelty of society. Of course you are going to have to stand alone but that can come about not through force, determination or desire but when you begin to see the false things around you and in yourself: the emotions, the hopes. When you begin to see that which is false, then there is the beginning of awareness, of intelligence. You have to be a light to yourself and it is one of the most difficult things in life.’

Just a piece from a talk of Jiddu Krishnamurti. That was a great insight.

Jesus, looking back, how many times have i asked somebody 'how' can i be successful, how to be happy.. how to achieve this or that state..
how to be confident etc.. all that Nonsense.
When i look back, all that my mind was doing is avoiding Work. Finding out for oneself, that is what we should do.

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