The T.V, Module

Discussion of the nature of Ultimate Reality and the path to Enlightenment.
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The T.V, Module

Post by ForbidenRea » Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:16 pm

" What a screen name..." I thought.

" Did it do anything to Dido?"

"Is the world at it's peak?"

Something to listen to while you're at work or perhaps school. What children are absorbing is not the t.v. But, the practice of a cut that deep in the heart and soul of man is the practicality of for the most resources. I'm talking about what it was like at the age of enlightenment through the age of television. They are what they are....said, a 4 year old. But, then, what is the reality of this dark deception on the road to the finish line?
I'm no fool. Say's another. I've seen so much dark reality it's a time of what? War? Famines? I used to walk into a pentecostal church and feel the vibrating people just drenched in the worship of a true God. Where there is love I'll be their. Said another.

A usually good demo of the richness and gore of such a past life. A furtherances into the light of knowledge. What? The t.v.? More like in the lines of the futuramas nuture. I agree. say's another. W But, what hit the switch? Is it a deamon inside. Said, another 6 year old kid.
Are they reading our minds? A child might ask.

I am e. You are y. What comes first? teh
The habitat of a culture so advanced that the marking of a future generous generation is like the practice of A=A.
A=A not B.

Simply sayin'

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